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EGC52 Expert Glaze

EGC52 Expert Glaze


EGC52 Expert Glaze is a premium, technically advanced finishing glaze designed to eliminate pinholes and small surface imperfections prior to painting. The self-levelling formulation offers a smooth, ultra fine finish and effortless sanding.

  • Pinhole resistant and semi-flexible
  • Extra smooth, easy to spread
  • Unparalleled adhesion properties
  • Very easy sanding
  • Solvent resistant and paintable in 15-20 minutes
  • Prevents bleed through
  • Tack free, non-porous formula will not shrink

Substrates: Direct to metal, prepared OEM paint surfaces, aluminum, galvanized, SMC, fiberglass, lightly abraded E coat, most plastics

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EGC52 440ml Blue 6 TDS PDF SDS PDF
Code EGC52 Size/Pack 440ml Color Blue Ctn 6 View technical
data sheet
TDS PDF View health &
safety sheet